• Shooters management

    Quickly add shooters and search them without wasting time in complex UI.

  • Matches management

    Create a match with shooters and stages in a couple of minutes.

  • Match results

    View your match's results with only one tap.

  • Stage results

    Track shooter's performance stage by stage.

  • Stage scoring

    Set time and score by just tapping the right buttons with an immediate feedback on the result.

  • Dynamic-shooting.com

    Sync your results with dynamic-shooting.com and access them from everywhere.

Score your match within minutes

Add the shooters, create a match and score it, it's as easy as it sounds. Track shooters at match or stage level without leaving the scoring section.

Sign In

Sign In to browse the results that you saved on your iPad. DynamicShooting is the first app to transparently integrate an online synchronization.

Share your matches

With just one tap you can publish a match and share it with your friends.

Secure synchronization

Dynamic-shooting.com uses SSL to securely synchronize your matches.